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Another day closer to meeting our Lord!

And another day closer to our book promotion, speaking and signing tour through 10 US States in April/May 2020. We are in the planning phase which is quite exciting.

You can find updates, event locations, dates and times on Facebook and Twitter .

We submitted the manuscript for “Considering Wisdom” to our publisher WestBow Press hoping that the book will be ready to take on our book tour together with “Calling from the Sky” and “Digging Deep into the Revelation of Jesus Christ”.

Calling from the Sky” is a Biographical Fiction which is inspired by true events in the author’s life who served 26 plus years in the US Air Force. He served nine years with the Wings of Blue Parachute Team and as the Superintendent of Parachuting Operations at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

When asked why he wrote “Calling from the Sky” Mike says: “CALLING FROM THE SKY was prompted by the deep gratitude I have for life. I experienced many “close calls” mostly during seventeen years and over 2000 parachute jumps, and one day my oldest son, Don, said to me, “Dad, you should write those stories down so they don’t get lost.” This began an autobiography which evolved into a more exciting thriller (since I didn’t think anyone would want to read about me, Mike Copple). So the truth became faction (fact/fiction). Part of the fiction are the Russian spies who try to take revenge and kill “Luke” by sabotaging his parachute.”

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It’s Friday again! Where does the time go? Does the time fly by for you, dear reader, as it does for us?

It’s been a busy week! Mike put his back out and we had to make a few unexpected trips to the chiropractor. We are so blessed to have a great chiropractor in our small town—the next big city is three hours drive away.

Speaking of Mike, there are quite a number of people asking us over and over again what inspired him to write the novel “Calling from the Sky” – A novel inspired by true events!

In short—this is how Mike would describe it:

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Loosing your fingers or loosing your life? What will it be?


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Today we would like to share another excerpt from our book that was published recently. We hope you enjoy the reading.

Book cover picture of CALLING FROM THE SKY

The jump would be static line, not freefall, and it would be from a C-130 Hercules flying at only 1,000 feet above the ground. The jumpers were reminded that reaction time for malfunctioned parachutes would be diminished by the lower parachute opening altitude of 820 feet.

On the previous four jumps, Ned and Luke had been the first two to exit on two jumps and the last ones in their sticks on the other two. They were the two highest ranking people in the class, and it was typical to manifest the jump order in this fashion. The order was purposely reversed for every other jump mission so that all jumpers could equally experience moving their heavy equipment bags to the door in the proper, timely manner.

Smiling at Luke, Ned said, “Corbett, both times we were first out, you got out your door before I got out mine. It’s not going to happen this time. I’m leaving before you.”

Stupidly, Luke accepted Ned’s challenge. He replied only with a knowing smile.



The wind was ferocious. He was still falling at over one hundred miles per hour.

We are excited to let you know that the book “CALLING FROM THE SKY” will be available in October 2019.

Today we are sharing an excerpt from page 88 and 89, Chapter 9 titled SABOTAGE