The “Top Gun” Equivalent of USAF and USAF Academy Parachute Operations – Did it happen or not?

As an Air Force F-15 pilot and member of the USAF Academy “Wings of Blue” Parachute team, I found this book compelling in challenging me to wonder if these events really happened or not. We all assume the stuff in Top Gun was true as the story unfolds. In a similar way, Mike Copple as a senior NCO Air Force leader and Combat Control veteran ties a sterling career of service to our country together with an intriguing skydiving adventure story. The real lesson is one that many of us have learned in life much later than we should have, and that is that family and faith are the core values that sustain life.
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a fascinating fast read “novel” (or it is true?), those interested in the Air Force or Air Force Academy, special operations, or skydiving enthusiasts. For Christians looking for a written witness from an amazing leader, this book is it.
Al Wallace, Denver, Colorado – USA

Mike, Your book arrived Monday. I just finished it. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you. It was like I got to spend two days with an old friend telling me great stories.
I don’t know how much your life path mirrored Luke’s but I lived in Cheyenne during the same time period of the book. I also frequented many of the DZs in Europe featured in the story. It brought back good memories of my time as an Air Liaison Officer at Vicenza – when they allowed an Air Force Captain to run the Southern European Task Force Parachute Team.
I have always thought of you, Jerry, and Bill as an extra set of fathers/uncles/older brothers. Your influence served me well during my Air Force career. I also choose mission over politics and promotion.
I am glad you found the understanding you needed of God.
All the best to you and Elfriede
Miles Crowell, Alamogordo, New Mexico – USA

Mike, Your book is riveting! I started reading at about 2:30pm and finished it tonight. Well done! It is a great testimony to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. May it be the seed that points many to Him!
Brent Rawlings, Calgary, Alberta-Canada

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know that your book is too captivating, it keeps me from sleeping at night so I can’t read it before I go to bed! God bless you and keep you both.
In Christ, Bob Brannon, Sheridan, Montana – USA

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