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Digging Deep into The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

The updated version which is easier to navigate and provides room for personal notes is available now.

Barnes&Noble has updated their files and is selling the SECOND EDITION of DIGGING DEEP INTO THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST.

This new version makes studying the Book of Revelation efficient in that you have all the information from the Scripture text to the commentary, reference scripture texts and their commentary pertaining to that Scripture right at your fingertips on the same open page.

WestBow Press

Barnes and Noble

We noticed that Amazon is not selling the “Second Edition” but still the old version of the Study Guide even though they advertise the Second Edition on their website, which is very unfortunate. When you order from Amazon, please make sure they will deliver the correct version.

EXAM BOOKLET to the Study Guide

Picture of the Exam Booklet to the Study Guide Digging Deep into the Revelation of Jesus Christ

Available now:

WestBow Press


Discount on Bulk Orders

Picture of the Study Guide Digging Deep into the Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Picture of the book cover Calling from the Sky

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