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In his book, Considering Wisdom, author Michael Copple gently and lovingly reveals the beginning of wisdom and the Source of wisdom as he delves into controversial subjects with great anticipation of joining and reasoning together with those who have been exposed to so many different facets of indoctrination.

He admits to also being “programmed”, but discerns he is indoctrinated with sound doctrine rather than false doctrine. Of course, everyone has free will to believe their own schooling. However, many points are made in an attempt to prove there is only one absolute truth when wisdom is seriously and honestly considered. The writer also acknowledges that he cannot force any change onto anyone, but the Source used for explanations can certainly get a person’s attention if one is willing to listen.

The author submits that minds can easily be filled with allegedly compelling facts relating to acknowledged but divisive topics. The matters in which he has chosen to divulge truth when applying wisdom include the following: climate change; gods of different religions; voting; forms of government; truthful education versus “intellectual” indoctrination; abortion; LGBTQ; gender identification; and revised history.

The author offers sound insight and unique perspective such as telling the difference between knowledge and wisdom. For example, a person can have knowledge to know everything there is to know, but wisdom provides the ability to discern what is true and what is false about what one knows.

Although the author attempts to write in a gentle and loving tone, he admits that there are different kinds of love, i.e., godly love, brotherly love, and eros love—but sometimes showing godly love and brotherly love can come across as tough love. When considering wisdom, this tough love, which, like other forms of love, regards others more important than self, cannot be squelched. Solomon said, “Many waters cannot quench love, not can the floods drown it.” (Song of Solomon 8:7a)

Brotherly love is what prompts the action to write a book of this caliber.

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